Proposals about language management in Europe

Proposals about language management in Europe
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17 academics: In view of the multilingual nature of European heritage, what are your proposals about language management and minority (heritage) language maintenance?*











European People's Party

We want to focus on what really needs to be done better, together. The European Union as a community of values must defend our common values and interests in the world, whilst respecting the diversity and different traditions of Member States.








Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament

Multilingualism and the preservation of all different languages are within the heart of Europe, the motto of the EU “United in diversity” reflects the diverse cultures and languages in Europe. Minority language rights should be protected in the future.








European United Left–Nordic Green Left

We need to see more progress made by Member States on this and EU institutions must provide support and advice in developing initiatives to protect regional or minority languages within a comprehensive approach. This first requires action in recognizing such languages; specific funding for education in regional or minority languages; ensuring the right to use these languages - especially in dealings with public institutions; and encouraging the development and maintenance of language diversity in the media.





* has asked all the political groups for an interview



  • posted by George Athan. 22.05.2014

    Like "make peace not war"..

  • posted by Angeliki 22.05.2014

    We already know the motto of the EU ''United in diversity''....We need more specific answers concerning the educational policy towards minorities and minority languages....

  • posted by Petros Karag. 22.05.2014

    I agree with EPP but i didn't understand exactly what they prepare to do..

  • posted by Φιλομαθής 22.05.2014

    S&D: "Minority language rights should be protected in the future"

    ohhh What a clever strategy.. BE MORE SPECIFIC!

  • posted by Gorgi 22.05.2014

    Their little answers their "little" policy about language. So sad..

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