What about EEZ and greater energy sufficiency of Europe;

Rival economic blocs on offer to Ukraine
Rival economic blocs on offer to Ukraine
In light of the Ukraine situation: a) is it high time that the the EU finds the political will and define a european EEZ or more support for schemes under the Southern European gas corridor? b) What is your proposal for achieving a greater energy sufficiency of Europe?*









European People's Party

Until now the EPP Group pushed for these measures:

The liberalisation of the European energy market has taken a huge step forward with the adoption of the 'Third energy package'. The creation of an interconnected EU-wide market will reduce costs and energy waste, and make energy more affordable for European citizens and business. This market is our protective shield against oil and gas crises, ensuring that our homes and businesses never get cut off from the power supply. Liberalisation also ensures lower energy prices, which is decisive for the competitiveness of the EU economy.

The modernisation of the energy infrastructure (with interconnected networks and storage facilities), which is crucial for an integrated and performing energy market, will have to be completed by 2020.

Limiting the rise of energy prices for households, SMEs and industry: By pushing for a more open market, simple criteria for energy infrastructure, as well as for a review of EU energy policy including a strong opposition to short-sighted market intervention in the ETS (Emissions Trading System), the EPP Group has substantially contributed to limiting the rise in energy prices for consumers.

Energy roadmap 2050: a cost-effective pathway towards a less energy-intensive, low-emission economy: To produce cleaner energy and effectively fight climate change, with our long-term goal being a reduction of CO2 emissions by 80-95% by 2050, the EU under the leadership of the EPP family has paved the way to a less carbon- and energy-intensive economy by giving a decisive boost to new, renewable and energy-efficient technologies.

Common measures for energy efficiency and energy performance of buildings will greatly contribute to saving energy. The common rules adopted in 2012 translate the EU overall 20% energy efficiency target for 2020 into concrete action to create energy savings for households, industrial equipment and buildings. Energy companies will be responsible for helping customers save 1.5% of their annual consumption.

Developing renewable energy: To increase the share of renewables in the energy mix beyond 20% after 2020, the EPP Group is working on a new, more ambitious and cost-efficient framework on renewable energy (to replace existing rules), which would give the renewables industry the cutting edge and ensure maximum investment. We are pushing for a more integrated European support scheme to encourage technological innovation, in particular innovative renewable energy technologies, which are not yet sufficiently competitive.

Diversification of energy sources and suppliers: In combination with the integration of the EU energy market, diversifying energy sources and suppliers crucially complements European efforts to reduce external energy dependence and ensure more affordable energy prices for the consumer






Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament

The European Union set its target to reduce energy consumption to 20 % until 2020. We as Social Democrats propose to: economize energy and use energy more efficiently, we want to focus on renewable sources of energy (wind power, solar energy, hydropower, geothermal and biomass for the production of electricity and fuels, as well as heating and cooling).






European United Left–Nordic Green Left

In regards to Ukraine we implore all sides to respect international law and shun nationalism and Europe has a duty in this case and could play a role in calming tensions. Aggression is unacceptable; we have to give the priority to dialogue. Any economic measures that are genuinely designed to benefit people struggling with poverty, unemployment and social exclusion in Ukraine would be most welcome. However, the current tendency in EU politics leads to policies for the benefit of large corporations and the financial sector so this would be opposed by those on the left inside the EU and Ukraine.

On energy sufficiency, advancing sustainable energy solutions is a primary policy that can lead us out of the present crisis. Fostering and expanding the use of renewable energies will enable greater energy sufficiency, boost the economy, and simultaneously help tackle climate change.





* Greeklish.info has asked all the political groups for an interview


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    The European Left is sleeping. They cannot write even 5 lines..These are their positions..

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