In 10 years none of the ten most important economies will be European

In 10 years none of the ten most important economies will be European
Sam Javanrouh
17 academics ask: What is your vision for Europe in the 21st century where in 10 years none of the ten most important economies will be European? *












European People's Party

We believe that Europe is a vast community of values and principles among which freedom, responsibility, justice, security, respect for the dignity of human life and equality between men and women. We want a healthy society with a new emphasis on solidarity between all Europeans. The European Union must become stronger, simpler and more democratic. The European institutions should focus on specific major issues while leaving other matters to the Member States; we do not want a centralised Europe. Yet we believe in a more politically integrated Eurozone, as we consider the euro to be a reliable currency that assures political stability and makes us more competitive internationally. As the party of responsible government, we are determined to lead Europe out of the crisis and to create jobs and growth through reforms and smart investments, while preserving social cohesion and good standards of living for all Europeans






Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament

The European Union is the strongest economy in the world at the moment. Our vision is to promote a strong EU with strong social criteria as a global player in the world - with fairness and a stable functioning in its interior and in the Single Market. In the long run we have to withdraw from the idea of 28 individual economies.






European United Left–Nordic Green Left

An EU that works for people, for peace, for solidarity, for social justice, equality, democracy and human rights in Europe and beyond would be an EU that tackles its economic and social problems and forms an influential part of the global system in a position of respect for partners throughout the world. This is our vision for the 21st century.





* has asked all the political groups for an interview

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