Exit threats and secessionist risks within the EU

Irish pupil's view on euro crisis
Irish pupil's view on euro crisis Flickr © Nonchalente
The economic and social crisis in Europe gave birth to new cleavages (europhiles / sovereignists, North / South, Pro-European / anti-European, pro-fiscal discipline / anti-austerity). What is your proposal in order to deal with intra-fragmentation, member states' exit threats and secessionist risks within the EU? *











European People's Party

All these are remaining a marginal force in European Parliament. The Pro- Europeans still dominate. We took unpopular decisions, that were necessary  and we were aware that they would translate  into votes in favor of those who never held any serious public duty. But it is good that the anti-Europeans  go to bed together  because it will be easier for us to explain why Europe matters. The options are now clear on the table.






Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament

Fragmentations and an anti-European atmosphere are little surprising results of the financial, economic and social crisis of the past years. In order to deal with those and other threats it is of utmost importance to overcome the crisis and get Europe back to work. We need real social justice, fairness and redistribution of taxes and income. On an economic but also on a social level, problems such as unemployment, poverty and others have to be tackled by the newly assigned institutions, in order to reassure social justice and peace.






European United Left–Nordic Green Left

The EU must work for the interests of its citizens. People suffering under the disastrous policies of recent years have legitimate reasons to be angry at EU institutions. We call on all those seeking another way (a progressive way) to join us, get in touch with us on the local, national or European level to connect with our project for social, sustainable union where democracy, equality and human rights are taken utterly seriously.



* Greeklish.info has asked all the political groups for an interview

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