Does the EU now have a purpose beyond more summits and treaties?

Does the EU now have a purpose beyond more summits and treaties?
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European integration has made another continental war unimaginable, created a strong common market, and enlarged to include 28 countries. Does the EU now have a purpose beyond more summits and treaties, managing crises and admitting a few more countries? *









European People's Party

Our combined strength is in the more than 500 million people who make up the largest economy in the world – our EU. Our potential to be a global leader in new industries is vast. To remain a strong and competitive player globally, create jobs and ensure continued wealth, reforms are necessary. Sustainable and targeted investment is the key. Creating the right conditions for new and sustainable growth and jobs is our primary political objective for the next five years. We need structural reforms, so that Europe attracts the private investment that creates growth and jobs. Socialist parties choose the wrong approach to economic reforms. They believe growth comes from irresponsible spending, or redistributing other people’s money. Our policies create healthy economic structures which attract private investment, create growth and jobs.   The cornerstone of EPP policy is the idea of the Social Market Economy. This precept aims to balance the principles of freedom and solidarity. We understand that the advantages of a free market must serve the common good, so that social cohesion is achieved. Simply put, the economy should serve the people, and not the other way around! We strive for sustainable growth based on a competitive and innovative economy, while respecting the environment. We are determined to combat climate change through more efficient use of energy and investment in renewable energy while preserving Europe’s industrial base through affordable energy prices. It is our responsibility to leave our world safer and cleaner for future generations, and it stimulates innovation and a need for skills in these sectors.






Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament

Yes, to fight for social justice and against job unemployment. With 27 million Europeans and nearly a quarter of young people out of work everybody in the S&D Group and the Austrian delegation agrees that the fight against unemployment must be the number one priority. Our focus on job creation will be the overarching theme for everything we do in the next five years.






European United Left–Nordic Green Left

First of all, any accession must be on the terms of the people in the country concerned. With regard to the EU's purpose, we on the left want to see a serious Social Union project undertaken. The first task of such a project would be ending austerity with a view to developing a sustainable economy to serve the people and not the other way round. This should be the objective of the EU.




* has asked all the political groups for an interview

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