Countries under economic crisis are forced to change their laws

Countries under economic crisis are forced to change their laws
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Countries under economic crisis like Greece are forced to change their laws/regulatory framework in order to make investments easier ignoring basic principles of sustainable development with tremendous results for environment. How can EP and your group have more active role in order to manage these challenging issues?










European People's Party

The European Parliament has no jurisdiction and influence on national legislation. Regarding sustainable development and environmental protection EU has very strict rules and legislation. Every Member State is obliged to respect and transpose the European legislation on environmental protection to national legislation






Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament

The S&D group in the EP already used its role to push the compliance of social and environmental standards in the member states and will do so in the future. S&D president Mr Swoboda speaks clearly against the Troika. We will keep one fighting. The influence will of course depend on the outcome of the EP elections.






European United Left–Nordic Green Left

What has happened and been forced upon "bailout" countries is without a doubt a travesty and an attack on democracy. Yes, the environment has taken a hit because of this and the parliament must take a strong critical position on the failures of troika policy. Our role is to continue to stress the importance of achieving a low-carbon economy and tackling the lack of ecological ambition at EU level. We gain influence by standing up for people and their concerns within this institution and will continue to put pressure on all other political forces to see the necessity of sustainable development.




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