How can you restore the core EU values in all its member states?

Signing of the Treaty by Robert Schuman
Signing of the Treaty by Robert Schuman
What is in your view the single most important action that the EU must prioritize and implement in order to put an end to the crisis and restore the core EU values in all its member states (democracy, prosperity, societal peace)? How will your party contribute towards achieving this?*









European People's Party

Creating the right conditions for sustainable growth and job creation in Europe is our key political objective for the next years. We are committed to achieving this by putting into practice the principles of the Social Market Economy and to implementing reforms in the health sector, pension systems, labour markets and taxation systems. For us, more public spending is not the answer; we reject reckless spending of tax payers’ money. We need to stimulate industrial production, entrepreneurship and innovation, especially in the digital sector, by collaborating with the private sector and helping SMEs. In order to drive investment, we need healthy and responsible banks which we can legally control in case of irresponsible risks. But while striving for a competitive and innovative economy, we also want to preserve the environment: the EU has to be the frontrunner in carbon-free technologies while keeping energy prices affordable. Fighting tax fraud, tax evasion and tax avoidance will also be one of our major priorities for the years to come.






Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament

First and prioritized actions must be creating and guaranteeing recovery, fairness and growth through investing in employment and especially in youth employment, and fighting tax evasion.






European United Left–Nordic Green Left

Ending austerity and starting to invest in jobs and sustainable growth is the most urgent first step to recovery. Our group in all votes, debates, negotiations that we are involved in over the next 5 years will bring this to the table as a policy priority that has a massive impact on all policy areas.




* has asked all the political groups for an interview

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